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Monday, 14 February 2011 11:57

Mazda DEMIO -2007

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It has greatly transformed to a more personal, stylish, sportier car in the model the third generation that appeared in restyling in July, 2007 though DEMIO has been made as a car of a compact wagon sense. The total length of the body is cut short, and the externals design that greatly inclines A pillar is finish to make the difference from past DEMIO and sporty a car think. The design to feel a dynamic throb feeling becomes clear further in SPORT that installs aero parts. The space of the cockpit sense of time of the driver's seat tight is made though spaciousness narrowed a little because the body of five door hatchback lowered not only the total length but also the total height. The thoroughness in lightening of the body, and the feature of this DEMIO were to have secured the goodness of the taking turning.

The installing engines are 1.3L, 1.5L of straight4, and the Miller-cycle engine with a different compression ratio and expansion ratio also is set in 1.3L. This engine achieved the fuel cost of 23.0km/L by the combination with CVT by 10.15 modes. A standard engine also has improved its performance by the adoptions of the valve timing mechanism and the changeable suction mechanism. As for the transmission, electronically controlled 4-speed AT and 5 velocities MT are set according to another and the grade. The drive system is basic FF, and sets e-4WD to which the rear wheel is temporarily driven with the motor when starting by 1.3L car. As for the safety equipment, the general one such as front seat SRS air bags and ABS is prepared by the standard



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