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Monday, 14 February 2011 12:09

Mazda SCRUM WAGON-2000

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It is a SCRUM that OEM is supplied as a car of the Mazda brand by sisters car of Suzuki EVERY. The model of the 2nd generation appeared after having become new following EVERY previously restyled as for the SCRUM in September, 2005 the standard of the light car. "Family wagon that goes supra by one" new SCRUM is developed by the concept, and it features stylish exterior, bright and openhearted interior, convenient equipment for all get on people, and variegated storage. This model is a point that greatly improves externals design and gotten a good, seeming the model it made positively considering the wagon it, and the wagon a bright, openhearted, comfortable interior, convenient luggage space, the storage space, and the enhanced safety equipment, etc. when comparing it though there was a past model in the van specification extension. Spaciousness especially made the livability and loading united by a rear seat where the slide and reclining were done right and left and independently. The point to have set the power slide door for the first time cannot be overlooked as a wagon of the light car.
The installing engines are natural suctions DOHC of 660cc and 2 models of this turbo specification. The 3-speed AT are combined with the installing car of the natural suction engine, and 4-speed AT is combined with the turbo specification car. Full-time 4WD car is set to the turbo car. As for the roof shape, a highroof and lowroof are prepared by the grade. The seat was improved in July, 2007, and a part of externals of the grade was changed.


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