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50 Golden years of being the wind beneath the wings of Sri Lankan enterprise

Starting from small beginnings in 1956 and enduring many a storm of change, DFCC Bank today ranks as one of Sri Lanka’s top corporates with sustained profits and consistent growth.

Acknowledged as being one of the few successful and sustainable development financing institutions in Asia and the Pacific, the Bank has reason to be proud of not only its own record of achievement, but also the part it has played on the larger canvas of Sri Lanka's economic and social development. During its years in development banking, it has been the financier of many trail blazing Lankan entrepreneurs across all sectors, particularly during their risky early stages. Moreover, the Bank’s relentless efforts towards developing the small and medium enterprise sector have yielded excellent results particularly in the provinces fulfilling its mandate to assist Sri Lankan entrepreneurs realise their goals.

DFCC Bank’s core activity has been long-term project financing to the private sector.  In response to market opportunities and demands, the Bank’s scope of business was broadened to include investment banking, fee based services, venture capital, fund management, stockbroking, consulting and commercial banking through subsidiaries and associate companies.  Today, DFCC Bank offers a gamut of financial services to its customers and is continuously looking for new horizons, reaching for greater heights and mapping new game plans to reach its vision of being the premier financial services group.

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